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Busy Bee Art Studio

Published on: 05/23/2019) In: MY Charity
BusyBeeArtStudio Logo

Busy Bee Art Studio is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded by Eliane Balsewich, to bring art and creativity back to public schools in our community.  Also, through the Busy Bee Outreach Program, our goal is to reach out to Senior Centers, special needs organizations, hospitals and much more.
As an artist, Eliane believes that Art and Creativity exist in each and every person, and a program like ours is the perfect way to bring out the artist in everyone.
Art is essential for the development of any child and is very important to help adults and children with stress, anxiety, special needs and so on.  Busy Bee Art Studio was created to discover the creativity of all individuals.

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