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Candy's Commentary Spring 18

Published on: 04/19/2018) In: MY Feature Story
Candy's Commentary Spring 18

#METOO is an all too serious movement currently making headlines to avoid making mention of. Many strong and powerful women have been subjugated to inequality or a misogynistic leader and/or boss, or significant other at one point in time in their life. It’s often times been said that “it’s not about what happens to you, but it is about how you react to the situation that matters”. This movement spread virally in October of 2017 on an international level. As some say, where there’s one cockroach found crawling, there’s more than likely a ton of others behind that one. This is true for women across the country who have had enough, living in a time where we have continually accepted negative behavior by allowing it and not coming together to support one another and take a stand for what is right. This issue is dedicated to female survivors. Women who have survived any significant amount of abuse typically go one of two ways. They traditionally either take a stance of: whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger, or they revert into a victim mentality blaming what’s happened to them for their circumstances. The ladies reflected in the pages of the 2018 Top 100 Women of the Year truly are the epitome of success and survival skills are a foundational and fundamental concept of their levels of achievement. The goal of the Top 100 Women issue is always to inspire support among other likeminded and successful women. Although, we wish we could include many more of the phenomenal nominees, this year’s Top 100 list is spot on! And we hope you enjoy learning about local entrepreneurial female leaders as much as we have. The entire #METOO campaign aligns one common vision: “empowerment through empathy,” indicating that survivors of abuse are not alone when they go through challenging times and if we can share that same message of strength, courage and empathy in our own local community, we can all help heal and shape our city and support those who have tremendous potential to help make Las Vegas increasingly the best city to live in. Both women and men alike. Although the current movement and initiative is indicative of women who have endured abuse, men are not exempt from suffering and enduring hardships, at least in my opinion. Not from a feminist standpoint, but from a humanitarian standpoint, feminism never did much for me, except for ensure that when raising my daughters as a single mother, I surely got to bring home the bacon, cook it up in the frying pan, and a special thank you to feminism; I was now able to clean up after it was served as well, then wake up and do it all over again. Not to say that I disagree with positive societal changes for women’s rights, but having strong, supportive male roles that back the positive changes is key. This issue, we are also pleased to bring you the 2018 Top 100 Men in Real Estate. It’s a fast-paced market currently in Las Vegas, and these men exemplify the best in the business! With remarkable success and some incredible customer service skills; whatever you need- they have you covered! From specializing in specific types of homes and specific areas, these Real Estate professionals work with some of the best in the industry to deliver unparalleled service to the movers and shakers right here in our Vegas Valley. You will notice some common faces and some rising stars that we have had the opportunity to learn about how they take care of their clients’ needs, home after home. Residential, commercial, whatever your real estate needs are- be sure to turn to the best in the industry! Please follow us on social media @MYVEGASMagazine to stay up to date on upcoming events and happenings right here in our city. We do hope you will join us out for an issue release party or esteemed Top 100 luncheon very soon! Thank you for your continued support to our advertisers and hope everyone has a wonderful spring season this year!

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