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Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park

The Downtown Container Park is the new flagship achievement of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project. Container Park was created to support locally owned shops and restaurants, but there is a lot more to experience there than just shopping and eating. Constructed using actual recycled shipping containers, the Downtown Container Park features live music on stage and a huge tree house which is great fun for kids and adults.

The real attraction though is the a massive metal praying mantis sculpture that welcomes guests into the area by shooting giant fireballs from its antennae (which can be heard from blocks away). Hsieh purchased the Mantis after seeing it at the famous Burning Man festival, and it was a huge hit at First Friday and other local events. It now has a permanent home at Container Park! These artistic features are just some of the many highly creative endeavors that went into creating one of the most unique development projects Las Vegas has seen in years. Every time you visit the Downtown Container Park you never know what to expect, from fire breathers to fashion shows, and everything in between! 


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