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Naked City Pizza on Paradise

Published on: 06/25/2014) In: MY Dining & Drinks, BP Restaurants

Naked City Pizza on Paradise

If food shows aren’t your thing, or if you’re a little out of the local Las Vegas culinary loop,then you’d hardly offer a passing glance into Naked City Pizza’s second location- connected by a wall to a bar on a rambunctious corner on Paradise Road.

The space and kitchen are tiny, which makes Naked City Pizza’s ability to create house-made everything even more impressive. From the dough to the sausage to the cheese to the pasta- nearly everything that goes on the plate is made by hand, in-house. Sure, it’s a pizza joint- and you’ll be entirely satisfied with its take on Sicilian-style crust offered in slices, “wee”, “not so wee”, and “freakin’ huge” sheets. Try any of their Specialty Pizza items, like the Back Home, with copious amounts of house-made sausage and straight-outta-New York pepperoni.

Any pizza joint worth its salt offers chicken, and Naked City covers it in spades. Both wings and fingers, tossed in a multitude of flavor options (try the Hot Sicilian for a real kick), are juicy, meaty and served with, yep, house-made blue cheese or ranch.

For the self-proclaimed foodies, the Entrée Specialties are mouth-watering, inventive, and items you’d find on menus with much higher price points. The Running Yolk Carbonara (traditionally prepared with perfectly cooked egg, crispy pancetta and, of course, house-made pasta) is a local favorite.

Naked City Pizza on Paradise

4608 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89169


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