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Raising Charlotte

Published on: 06/25/2014) In: MY Pets

Raising Charlotte

By Michelle Velez

If I had to choose between a Midwestern winter or summertime in the desert, I'd take our three months of triple digits over six months of frigid cold any day! I absolutely despise the cold. However that doesn't make those 100-plus-degree days any easier to take. While you're checking off this year's summer safety list, don't forget about your pets.

First and foremost NEVER leave a pet in the car- even for a minute. Extreme temperatures inside a hot car can cause irreversible organ damage or even death. Limit exercise to early mornings and evenings when it's cooler- and watch the asphalt because it can get very hot and burn their paws. Also watch for signs of heatstroke: heavy panting, glazed eyes, profuse salivation, lethargy.

Dogs can only regulate their body temperature by panting and by a tiny amount of evaporation by sweating through their paws, so it’s important to keep them cool. We like to put ice in the water bowls for our girls for a nice frosty cold drink! A good general rule of thumb is, if you are uncomfortable, so is your pet. Happy summer everyone!

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