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Angels Haven Charity

Published on: 07/20/2018) In: BP Family & Children
Angels Haven Charity

Angels Haven Charity

Angels Haven Charity Corporation was founded July 2017 by Madeline Kelley driven by her desire to give back her community. She shared her news of Angels Haven Charity with a friend, Shamise Lewis. Shamise had experience with the start up of two churches in Las Vegas so a perfect partnership was formed. Together they focus on expanding their charity beyond the valley as they love to help those in need.

Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement at Angels Haven Charity is to insure we as people have access to food, clean clothes, and to insure everyone’s basic needs are met. To provide guidance to those who seek it. Providing our Veterans resources to gain employment upon reentry to the workforce. To aid survivors of domestic violence in the recovery process to regain their independence.

1(800) 205-8913

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