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Elevate Insurance

Published on: 04/16/2018) In: BP Business & Professional
Elevate Insurance

Elevate Insurance

Elevate Insurance is a family owned, independent insurance agency.  We have created a business model of efficiency and competence, with the primary goal of treating people the way we ourselves want to be treated.  We specialize in commercial insurance, employee benefits and executive planning.

In a competitive industry, we recognize that all insurance brokers have access to a few available carriers, so we are often separated not just by the products we sell, but by the value we bring to a business relationship.  That's why more than 73% of our clients kept their same insurance policy and just made us their new Broker of Record.  Ultimately it's not just the policy, it's the people! 

3160 W. Sahara Ave. , Ste. A25 
Las Vegas, NV 89102 
(702) 444-7283

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