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Publisher's Letter

Mark Shaffer

Welcome to MYVEGAS Magazine!


Las Vegas is a city that is no stranger to evolution and change. Expanding from humble beginnings into the innovative and entertainment focused town that it is today, Las Vegas is all about progress. As a local in our town, you get to experience the best of both worlds: a strong emphasis on hospitality to the millions of travelers who visit us annually, and an appreciation for our residents with the sense of pride we bring into our cutting-edge community.

MYVEGAS Magazine is all about locals, and we work hard toconsistently bring you the most relevant and current material with our publication. As local publishers for the last 20 years, you may have picked up a few of our publications in the past, including The Best Restaurant Guide, Las Vegas Home & Garden, Today’s Health Magazine, Dine Out, and Las Vegas Woman. To keep things fresh, we have combined the sentiment of all of these locally focused publications into one magazine; MYVEGAS is your go-to guide for the Las Vegas local!

Every season, we here at MYVEGAS Magazine work hard to bring you the most current news and information on what’s hot in our city. Editorial features such as “From the Mayor’s Desk” and “Reader’s Choice” allow locals to seek pertinent knowledge on topics pertaining to Las Vegas living. The“My Business” section covers topics that can help you and your company advance in our current economic climate. Many other additions to our publication put the emphasis on you, the Las Vegas local. MYVEGAS Magazine is focused on your interests, your kids, your life, your entertainment, your health, and your Vegas!  

As our magazine is all about local living, we are always interested in hearing your feedback and comments. Tell us what you would like to see in the next issue of MYVEGAS, and we’ll make it happen. I thank all of our team and the MYVEGAS staff for continuing to bring their best efforts to the forefront of our exciting locals publication. Be sure to subscribe online for more information on our weekly updates, free subscriptions, expanded articles, contests, expos and much more at

Thank you for reading MYVEGAS, and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!



Mark Shaffer

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